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ArchKU Research

Research works at ArchKU are intrinsically inter-disciplinary,encompassing areas such as urban design; urban & rural development; climate change and environment; and the conservation and management of cultural heritage.Our mission is to rework the disciplinary boundaries of architecture and the social sciences so as to open up new areas of architectural research,create new standards of architectural pedagogy,and facilitate new ways of engaging in public debate.The opportunities for collaborative architectural research in the University are unparalleled,and research bids in a variety of disciplines are strengthened by the involvement of strong architectural researchers.ArchKU research draws upon a wide range of interdisciplinary research and teaching interests within different disciplines of Khulna University (Urban and Rural Planning,Environmental Sciences,Forestry and Wood Technology, Sociology,Developments Studies etc.).ArchKU researchers are also engaged in research works in collaboration with renowned foreign universities, international development organizations and other institutions.The discipline creates a stimulating research environment through arranging lectures, seminar series (ArchKU Seminar Series), and dialogues (Dialogues in Research & Development) on a regular basis that promote debates, inter-subjectivity, and networking on different research areas.Drawing on a action-oriented research philosophy, great importance is placed on the originality and the diversity of empirical sources, the creativity of field work and the rigor of methodological approaches that range from architectural drawing techniques to innovative network mapping, from standard indepth interviews to inventive ethnographic techniques for site-observation,from archival enquiry to cutting edge digital methods for architectural research.


ArchKU researchers are working under nine thematic clusters as follows:

Sustainable Urbanism


Rural Settlements & Built Environment

Advanced Spatial Analysis

Urban Informality

Virtual Heritage

Cultural Heritage Interpretation

Context Responsive Pedagogy

Climate Change & Human Settlements