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Head of the Discipline

Dr Anirban Mostafa

Faculty Members

Room # (SET) PABX 1 Email
Dr Anirban Mostafa 1324 1041
Dr Afroza Parvin 1309 1023
Dr. Khandokar Mahfuz ud Darain 1324 1041
Dr Sheikh Serajul Hakim 1312 1021
Gouri Shankar Roy 1326 1039
A.T.M. Masood Reza 1325 1038
A.F.M. Ashraful Alam 1317 1022
Rumana Asad 1317 1020
Dr. Tapan Kumar Dhar 1317 1317
Md. Sk. Maruf Hossain 1316 1037
S.M. Nazimuddin 1315 1022
Sk. Kabir Ahmed 1316 1037
Apurba Kumar Podder 1317 1020
Lipon Saha 1317 1020
Shibu Prashad Bosu 1315 1022
Sifat Sarwar 1314 1319
Laila Siddiqua 1314 1019
Md. Esfaqur Rahman 1314 1019
Imran Hossain Foishal 1314 1019
Sumaiya Rahman Piashi 1314 1019
Noor Mohammad Khan
Kowshik Roy
Shantanu Biswas Linkon
Mohammad Moshfiqur Rahman
M. Hasan Shoyeb
Raghav Syangadan
Md. Azharul Islam
Antu Das
Apurba Kumar Sen

Note: 1 +88 (041) 123-4343

Office Staff

Mobile PABX 1 Designation
S.M. Monerul Hoque 01712571051 1040 Assistant Registrar
Md. Mehedi Hasan 01721677466 1138 Section Officer
Nasir Uddin Sikdar 01911660935 1042 Section Officer (Lab)
Jakir Hossain 01719306368 1040 Office Assistant
Kamal Hossain MLSS