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  • "Md. Raihan Khan, Noor Mohammad Khan, Kowshik Roy, Shantanu Biswas Linkon, Md. Aminul Islam, ... Read More

  • Sheikh Serajul Hakim has successfully completed his PhD in June 2014.His dissertation is titled “Control, negotiations and form of migrants’ urban home”, with a focus on the socio-spatial processes underlying rural to urban mi... Read More

  • ArchKU conducted an Induction Workshop for the new recruits in ArchKU on 23 June 2014. Main objective of the workshop was to orient the new recruits about the fundamental conceptions of teaching in higher education.  The workshop in includ... Read More

  • ArchKU faculty Prof. Afroza Parvin has successfully participated in the 18 month long “Strengthening Leadership Capacity in Higher Education” program jointly organized by the University Grants Commission, Bangladesh (UGCB) and Briti... Read More

  • Prof. Afroza Parvin got nominated as the Deputy Director, Academic Development  (DDAD) in order to establish a Centre of Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL) in Khulna University. It is part of the strategic plan of the University ... Read More

  • Recently, ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) Bangladesh has been established. Dr. Hafizur Rahaman along with Ar. Sazzad Hossain (ArchKU graduate) is presently working as founding members of this committee. Mr. Sharif Shams Im... Read More

  • The IAG (Institute of Australian Geographers) and NZGS (New Zealand Geographical Society) awarded Ashraful Alam for the presentation on his ongoing PhD thesis at the joint IAG-NZGS Conference in Melbourne in July, 2014. This presentation was as... Read More

  • Sumaiya Rahman Piashi and Imran Hossain Foishal has appointed at Architecture Discipline as Lecturer on  22.06.2014. With the guidance of senior faculty members Sumaiya is presently conducting as 3rd year design studio, while Imran is in 1... Read More

  • Seminar On "Scarcity, Control and Negotiations ...
  • Seminar On "Learning By Sharing" - Was Held
  • Seminar On "Bridging Aspiration & ...
  • Seminar On "Design Portfolio: What, Why, How" Was ...
  • Degree Show - 2017 Was Held At Architecture ...
  • Seminar On Fulbright Treasures: Research & Lived ...
  • Guest Speaker At MScHS Communication Workshop
  • Prof. Afroza Parvin Attend The Training At GTI, ...
  • Prof. Afroza Parvin Participate The Workshop ...
  • Prof. Afroza Parvin Attend The Workshop With Mr. ...
  • Prof. Afroza Parvin Attend The National Workshop ...
  • B.Arch. Orientation Held At Architecture ...
  • 01
    Student Episode On "ArchKU Community Outreach Program" - ...
  • 02
    Communty Outreach Program - Held On 18 March 2017
  • 03
    Special Term Exam - Held On 19 & 23 March, 2017
  • 04
    Special Term Registration
  • 05
    Seminar On "Learning By Sharing" - Held On 27 February, 2017
  • 06
    Degree Show - 2017 - Held On 29-30 January, 2017
  • 07
    ArchKU Student Episode - 2017
  • 08
    ArchKU Seminar Series - 2017
  • 09
    MScHS Admission (Session 2016-2017) - held on 31 January, ...
  • 10
    Seminar On Resettlement And In Situ Rehabilitation - Held ...
  • 11
    Travelogue: Reflections on Selected Indian Architecture
  • 12
    MScHS Thesis Proposal Defence Held On 28 August, 2016
  • 13
    Seminar On Disaster, Contingency & Development Held On 18 ...
  • 14
    ArchKU Student Episode-2016
  • 15
    ArchKU Seminar Series - 2016
  • 16
    Alumni Feedback Collection Workshop In Khulna Held On 27 ...
  • 17
    Curriculum Development Workshop Held On 23 June, 2016
  • 18
    Self Assessment Seminar Held On 09 & 10 May, 2016
  • 25
    Notice Of Admission Test For Master Of Science In Human ...
  • 26
    Admission In Master Of Science In Human Settlements (MScHS)
  • 27
    Notice Of Gown Collection For The 5th Convocation 2015 ...
  • 28
    Notice Of Gown Collection For The 5th Convocation 2015 ...
  • 29
    Workshop On Digital Techniques: Advanced Computer Modelling ...
  • 30
    Online Seminar On "An Introduction To Parametric Modelling ...