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  • Khulna Development Authority (KDA) established New Market in 1966 locating central space which is well connected with all parts of Khulna city and still serves as the main shopping center for city people. In 2012 KDA decided to reconstruct New ... Read More

  • Sheikh Serajul Hakim has successfully completed his PhD in June 2014.His dissertation is titled “Control, negotiations and form of migrants’ urban home”, with a focus on the socio-spatial processes underlying rural to urban mi... Read More

  • ArchKU conducted an Induction Workshop for the new recruits in ArchKU on 23 June 2014. Main objective of the workshop was to orient the new recruits about the fundamental conceptions of teaching in higher education.  The workshop in includ... Read More

  • ArchKU faculty Prof. Afroza Parvin has successfully participated in the 18 month long “Strengthening Leadership Capacity in Higher Education” program jointly organized by the University Grants Commission, Bangladesh (UGCB) and Briti... Read More

  • ArchKU starts its postgraduate program from this academic year (Session 2013-14). The program offers Master of Science in Human Settlements (MScHS) degree with an aim to develop professionals who are capable of seeing the human settlements from... Read More

  • Newly formed ArchKU research cluster ‘Advance Research on Cultural Heritage (ARCHer)’ received association membership of The Spanish Society of Virtual Archaeology, SEAV and Virtual Archaeology International network INNOVA. This net... Read More

  • Brooks World Poverty Institute invites Prof. Afroza to present a paper on her ongoing research titled “Climate change impact and adaptation in urban informal settlements in Khulna: A physical environmental perspective” in the ClimUr... Read More

  • ArchKU faculty Dr. Hafizur Rahaman visits the HIVE (The Hub for Immersive Visualization and Research), Curtin University, Australia as a ‘Visiting Research Fellow’, during Nov-Dec, 2013. He is presently working in a joint research &... Read More

  • ArchKU wins a sub-project of Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP) under the Academic Innovation Fund (AIF) in Round-III. The title of the sub-project is “Anintegrated support system for the impro... Read More

  • Dr S B A Coorey, Senior Lecturer, Department of Architecture, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka; Dr S S Y Lau, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, University of Hong Kong; Prof. Afroza Parvin, Architecture Discipline, Khulna Univer... Read More

  • This year studio VIII (4th year students) arranged seven-day-long “Bengle Tour” (18-25 May 2014). They visited the ancient mosque, vihara & temple architecture located at Rajshahi, Nouga, Chapai Noabgonj, Dinazpur and... Read More

  • ArchKU wins a sub-project of Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP) under the Academic Innovation Fund (AIF) in Round-III. The title of the sub-project is “Anintegrated support system for the impro... Read More

  • The IAG (Institute of Australian Geographers) and NZGS (New Zealand Geographical Society) awarded Ashraful Alam for the presentation on his ongoing PhD thesis at the joint IAG-NZGS Conference in Melbourne in July, 2014. This presentation was as... Read More

  • Hurrah! We have won the final match on 31 June 2014 against BBA discipline. The girl’s handball team of architecture discipline proved their skill and become Champion in the Inter Discipline Handball Tournament 2014 organized by ... Read More

  • Ar. Iqbal Habib, Member –Secretary, Urbanization and Good Governance, BAPA, and Architect Director, Vitti Sthapoti Brindo Ltd., presented a seminar on ‘Urbanization and Governance in Dhaka: Reflections of Hatirjheel Project&rsqu... Read More

  • Sumaiya Rahman Piashi and Imran Hossain Foishal has appointed at Architecture Discipline as Lecturer on  22.06.2014. With the guidance of senior faculty members Sumaiya is presently conducting as 3rd year design studio, while Imran is in 1... Read More

  • ArchKU 5th year (Design Studio X) undergraduate student Md. Sabbir Husain got the Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre (ADPC) Research Fellowship to conduct his B.Arch. thesis project titled: "Design of disaster adaptive settlement for a soc... Read More

  • ArchKU started academic calendar for Batch 2014 six months earlier than its schedule date. It saves six moths waiting time for the fresher to start with their undergraduate program.   ... Read More

  • In the context of the post-colonial city in today’s developing world, contemporary urbanization is being driven by neocolonial forces – resulting in massive spatio-physical transformation in its built environment. Catalysts such as ... Read More

  • Two teams of ArchKU students are working for KCC to develop architectural design solutions for a Collegiate School and a Community Clinic to be funded, built and run by KCC. A team of four students from third year (with a faculty as a mentor) a... Read More

  • ArchKU has celebrated its two-decade of academic journey with the theme ‘Our Architecture Our Identity’. All the graduates were invited to participate in the one day long compact programme. About two hundred graduates had r... Read More

  • KUAD-BERGER award giving ceremony is jointly organized by the Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd. and ArchKU following the MoU (initially for five years) signed between the Head, Architecture Discipline, KU and the Managing Director, Berger Paints Ba... Read More

  • The students and teachers in ArchKU do not get them in either sides of a barrier. Rather their friendly and amiable relationship is noteworthy, which is unquestionably necessary for the smooth progression of architecture education. As there are... Read More

  • ArchKU arranged a day long workshop, on 15 March 2012, titled “How to Make a Good Model” for students in all five studios focusing state of the art techniques and tools of making good architectural 3D model to enhance skill... Read More

  • Reception to the new intake (1st year undergraduate) students is a regular event organized every year by ArchKU 2nd year students with the help of logistics extended by the Head’s office. It’s a unique traditio... Read More