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Year Book 2011-2012

To make our learning experience more responsive to emerging and future needs of the society, we feel responsible to constantly document, review and share those which are being valued and taught. In this journey, ArchKU Yearbook 2011-12 captures a few glimpses of our achievements, learning experiences and the sum of works and activities from the past year. It contains the outcome from a combination of formal teaching-learning activities from the design studios and from other informal learning exercises, revealing the unique pedagogical route taken by ArchKU.

Year Book 2010-2011

To make our training more responsive to emerging and future needs of the society,we continuously review and share what is taught and valued.In this journey we regularly publish Yearbooks that capture our collective memories and learning experiences that we value,and sum of works and activities that makes Architecture Discipline,Khulna University especially unique.The yearbooks contain a glimpse of the formal teaching-learning activities of design studios and other informal learning experiences that in totality would enable us to reflect on the unique pedagogical routes taken by this discipline.



Two Decade Brochure

Unstoppable Schooling


Architecture students around the country are invited to design innovate school form/facilities (suitable for 30 students)which is probably portable in nature. It can be portable or reusable facilities for school children of natural disaster prone areas of Bangladersh.The proposition may be a temporary built form for accommodating thirty students which has flexibility in nature i.e. portable, readily, suitable for multi-faceted facilities that helps the affected students to go back quickly in education,an agile planning strategy that helps to prove vision to protect utensils from disaster in advance or another well-conditioned option. The competition asks for designs that facilitate school children, secure necessary school stationeries e.g.books,a solution that might be helpful to resume schooling if an adequate sized dry piece of land is found or not.